About my art



Artist trying to focus on Oil painting, Stencils and Drawing


I drew my first portrait in elementary school and continued in youth school. My interest in drawing increased over the years and the training developed itself by copying portraits from magazines. Drawing became the main interest until trying some Acrylic paint in High School. Later on I got interested in Stencils to understand more about values and form. I also liked the simplicity in the abstraction of forms that was easy to handle. My first stencils started at the original style using 1 black layer and often a color layers to highlight some kind of symbolism. I have experimented with stencil layers increasing them  from 1 layer to 9 layers on portraits/figures. I strive to learn more about painting and wanted to learn more about how to advance my skills within shapes, values and color. Therefor I started my Academic Traning in Drawing at the Florence Academy of Art.

At FAA there was an intensive drawing program that studied Bargue drawings/ casts and figure drawing. During this training the interest for oil painting grew and I loked back on old amsters like Tizian, Rembrandt and Da Vinci to learn ancient techniques. 



About Drawing:


Drawing is the fundamental key importance in any art. To study line, value and shapes are essentaial to challenge and increase the knowledge about the draft of drawing. A greater understanding in the fundamentals of drawing will increase any kind of other medium. It will make it easier to prepare for painting or any other artistic way of art. Its very useful to make sketches of an artwork before starting a main composistion or portrait. Sometimes small studies of certain ares can be used as a preperation where the mind can try to understand an make a plan for how to aplly values and forms to a painting. In my own work, sketches are drawn to make a clearer idèa come to life and to challenge myself to make changes to my initail ideas. This way one can continue to develop artwork with a dynamic mind from beginning stages to the end of a painting.

Portraits and figure sketches are important in artwork so that the problems are dealth with in an early stage. I make a lot of figure sketches to practice composition, form and lines.



About Painting:


Main interest in painting is with Oil Painting. This medium makes is possible to make changes before the paint dries. This is also a time-consuming way of making paintings as I prefer to build up layers like the Old Masters. This way is a more controlled way of putting in paint to build the form layer by layer and making transparency. Oil Paintings costs a bit more money to make because the colors are more expensive, but the result is more deep colors with stronger pigments than Acrylics produce. The Glossy aspect of oils are also something that makes is look more alive. Oil painting must dry for a long time before they are fully dried and ready to be varnished. When painting with oils I usually combine painting several paintings at once so that when one painting is drying a layer the other paintings migh be ready for a new layer.



About Stencils


Stencils are a fun way to get a break from the time- consuming drawing and oil painting. Stencils -can- be less time consuming and aswsome art can be made with a bit of urban touch. Stencils in 1 layer is easy to edit and drawn up on paper. Stencils are my way of beeing more artistic and pushing myself to make compositions where i draw a bit from imagination and put forms together.


About Streetart:


Streetart is my newest ways of fun. I like the idèa of my paintings sprayed in tunnels or places you would not expect  to see art. Hopefully there will be more walls to paint in the future that is also comissioned.


Both the stencils and streetart are more for my compositions where I want to make meaningful pictures. I have found a way of viewing the world that makes me want to make art that focuses on activisme to heal the planed and ourselfes. The streetart coming in the future will be with more deeper perspective of life and quotes or phrases to describe my intention with the artwork.

Intentions of my art

Within my images there are often symbols that helps the viewer to understand what I`m trying to say. Some may be hidden, while others are more easy to notice.


I like the way of making images that can tell a story. It can be social, cultural and/or political messages for  a set topic over the pictures. I will often try to convey something and create reflections. The best outcome of my art would be to inform and encourage behavioral change in the population for the better. To see things that are not good is easy, but to find the solutions and contribute is more challenging. I hope my art can be a part of making people reflect about daily choices and wake up to the fact that the world now needs new inventions and actively passion to change old devastating structures for better ways for everything that lives.

My work consists of trying to develop my own style and push limits. Taking a few steps back at this moment in time to fundamental drawing to improve over- all understanding of lines, values, gesture and proportions. Learning the basics makes everything emerge better together for future artwork.


2007: Ukm Fylkesmønstring 


2008: Ukm Fylke- og kommunemønstring 


2009: Ukm Fylke, kommune & landsmønstring


2009: Skeive kunstnere. Utstilling ved Thorsov

bibliotek og Deichmannske bibliotek i Oslo


2008: Utsmykning: Kirkeparken vgs i Moss 


2013: Utsmykning: Studenthjem i Sogndal 


2014: Florence Academy of Art. Education:


2014: Gallery Lauritzen  (  Online Gallery )


2015: Stenzilartprize Finalist ( Ambush Gallery )


2015: Gallery Henrik Gerner: Exhibition


2015: Rådhusgalleriet (Down town hall), Oslo- Norway; 20 Juni- 28 Juni


2015: Arte Expo, Milano Italy; Juli- August 


2015: Artprize Seven. JW Marriott Grand Rapids Hotel. 23 September - 10 October


2016: International Art Book; Published artwork


2018: Dekorasjon offentlig rom: Kråkereiret Rockeklubb 


2018: Utsmykning: Privat oppdrag RAA Bryggeri Råde


2018: Workshop & Utsmykning - Arrangement Rampa barne- og ungdomsklubb

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