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I made my first stencil at the age of 19 and I`m still hooked. Stencils are fun to edit, draw, cut and spray. 1 layer stencils are the easiest to start whit when learning how to make a stencil. One can also try to make more layers to have more different colors/values.


I mostly make figurative stencils with main focus on the portraiture. Picking out models is not easy and there are thousands of pictures being looked through before choosing a model.

I want to make stencils that show the image of a deeper meaning. The image will contain symbols guiding towards the thought out agenda. Ofcourse every picture is open for interpetation and the imagination is the only one whom sets limits.

My motives have the same purpose as other stencils artists. They are to awake interest, curiosity, feelings, thoughts, opinions and debates. I like the way of making images that can tell a story. It can be social, cultural and/or political messages for a set topic over the pictures. I will often try to convey something and create reflections. The best outcome of my art would be to inform and encourage behavioral change in the population for the better.


Stencils can be sprayed on any surface like a canvas, wooden plates and mural walls. Theese three surfaces are what I mainly use. Most of my stencils are sprayed on canvases so I can have exhibitions and sell my paintings to you:)

Sometimes my stencils makes it all the way to the streets. First time spraying a stecil on a wall, my foot got broken... Second and Third time went better! Maybe you have seen one of my stencils on the streets, if not, atleast theres pictures of it in my online galleries!


Prints of stencil pictures are available for purchase !


What is a stencil?


Stencilling is an object/image that has hollow space for paint to form the pattern or picture. The stencil is the description both of the finished image and the object with hollow space ( see images to the left). The stencil object is a sheet of paper or any other material than can have hollow space for pigments to form an image. The wanted design will come after applying pigments/color in the cut out holes to any surface.

The advantage of a stencil is that it can be used several times. With a hard enough base with cuts, it can be used until something breaks or gets worn down. The thickness of the stencil can be an indicator of an image lasting longer. A thin based stencil is fragile and can often only be used once. If making a stencil on paper, the paper should be thick enough to be sprayed on atleast 3-4 times. Bigger stencils over 1 meter can be difficult to handle in the sence of cracks, paint and wrincles. It is important to handle the stencils as careful as if it was a canvas. A canvas is fragile and you treat it with respect. The more attention towards good treatment of tools will extend its usage times and good structure.

Mini Gallery of stencils/paintings by CFSN


Stencils can look quite impressing before and after spraying. There are many details to be cut and several layers gives great challenges.

From stencil to finished painting


Below there are finished sprayed stencils made into pictures.

Speedpaint video of CFSN stencil art

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