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The first painting attempt aws at the age of 19- using acrylic paint. A few portraits was created with acrylics during the next years. It`s a good medium to use while learning more about color and how to move the paitn around. The interest to create more alive portraits quickly grew and acrylic colors can be limited to its intensity and color choices. Thats how the interest leaned towards oil colors that had vivid colors and gloss. The technique that fits me most at the current moment is a Flemish approach. This means building up the portrait with a 7-layer approach to create the form. My interest in painting is leaning towards Academic Painting. The goal is to capture realism as good as I can. Not only to resemblance likeness, but also to capture the moment or a sense of mood and creativity.

At the current moment I`m practising portrait painting. This is not because this is the main goal in iself, but because it`s one of the steps to repeat and learn. There is a lot of different knowledge that has to be put together to create a well understood portrait. There are form, values, lines, shapes and colors that blends together. My attention is directed to understanding flesh color, something that is a big challenge.

My paintings are a bit different from the stencils and streetart. The paintings are more leaning towards academic realism and the searc for beaty and the divine. I`m very much inspired by the rennesance and old masters because of the high level of understanding composition and color.

Most of my paintings are now created in Oils. This is a time-consuming art bacuse every layer has to dry for a long time before the next one is applied. Oils also makes is possible to change the forms painted when its still wet. This means that one can continue on the same layer of paint over saeveral days before it dries to much.


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Title: P!nk

Year: 2009

Title: Stonewall

Year: 2009

Oil Paintings

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