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Streetart has been a part of my thoughts and art for several years. There`s always been an fascination of street art. The idea of being in any street and suddenly stumble upon a stencil where you least expect it aroused my interest. A simple expression, strong symbolism and political/social and cultural messages  are the mind behind the images.

About streetart:

The public is a unique large room to display art. Political street art has emerged in the wake of the methods stencils offer. The images often contain a certain symbolism so that the viewer can more easily understand what the artist is trying to convey. Some images contain descriptive texts and can simply say the meaning of the picture next to it. In the beginning there were easier stylized images using stencilser. The images were often in black / white and one red often used as a coloring of symbol use. This is still growing under development and some artists make multiple layers of stencils for more colors. A stencil can be advanced and contain a lot of details, while others are simplified.  Streetart is not limited to stencils and has become a world wide- phenomenon.

  In recent years, the streets has exploded in several works of art and artists that emerge behind pseudonyms. Using a psydonym is like taking an artist name to hide who you are. This has been frequently used by streetartist because of the very core idèa that this type of art belongs in the urban streets. This means that the art is placed in the heart of a city and even in your neighborhoods. This makes the art very visible and gives it a chance to be discovered. Right now, there is a huge worldwide interest in street art. It's like it emerged like a phoenix from the ashes of shame and rose to fame. Maybe everybode likes the underdog and helped this phenomenon forward ?  There are many reasons why streetart grew into popularity. With strong  political messages, a simple expression and the rise of internet sharing pictures, the  road to success was perhaps not too hard.Streetart in the presence that is accepted as an artform has near to exploded on the market of art. This has also resulted in the more surprising turn that streetartists are coming forward without hiding their identity. Street art has gone from zero tolerance to play between the lines of what is legal and not. The blurry lines is a result of public acceptance.


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